Why Volunteer

Our volunteers are the heart of The Laurel Foundation. Each year, over 200 volunteers donate approximately 13,500 hours to improve the lives of children, youth, and families living with HIV/AIDS. Volunteers are truly the lifeblood of The Laurel Foundation. They are the change agents in the lives of the children, youth and families that we serve.



When you volunteer with The Laurel Foundation it will be because you want to change the life of a child, but what you will discover is that your life will also be changed tremendously and you will grow in ways you never thought possible.



Through our extensive trainings and intensive volunteer experiences, The Laurel Foundation is not only changing the lives of children affected by HIV/AIDS but developing dynamic leaders who are using their learned skills to better their communities and to change the world.



By volunteering with The Laurel Foundation you will become part of a vast network of creative, passionate and talented individuals working in a variety of socially dynamic professions, but most importantly you will become part of a community that feels like family.

Ready to make a difference this summer?

Ways to Volunteer

The Laurel Foundation’s volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Whether you are a student, working professional, or just someone with a passion for working with kids, there are so many different ways to get involved!

  • Camp Counselor

    Being a camp counselor is one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities you could ever be involved in. If you love to help others, make life-long friendships, and expand your horizons, this is the volunteer position for you! Join us at Summer Camp, August 19 – 24, 2016! New Counselor Application / Returning Counselor Application

  • Medical Volunteer

    Serving on the Camp Laurel Medical Staff is an amazing opportunity to put your skills to work outside of the hospital setting. Without a supportive and knowledgeable medical staff, we would not be able to provide a safe and healthy environment for our campers. Become a medical volunteer. Join us at Summer Camp, August 19 – 24, 2016! New Medical Staff / Returning Medical Staff

  • Mental Health Volunteer

    If you are a mental health professional join our Help Team! This team is made up of mental health professionals and behavioral specialists (e.g., social workers, therapists, behavior interventionists, etc.) who provide added support to the campers through avenues such as supportive counseling, crisis intervention etc. Become a mental health volunteer. Join us at Summer Camp, August 19 – 24, 2016! New Help Team Volunteer / Returning Help Team Volunteer

  • Mentor

    As a mentor in the LEAF 4.0 program, you will be paired with a child and act as a crucial role model and support person in their life. You will also help them set and accomplish goals. Many mentors help their mentees with things like applying to college, learning how to write a resume, or even taking them to open their first bank account. Become a mentor

  • Intern

    The Laurel Foundation’s Non Profit Management Internship program is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, and to use classroom knowledge in a practical environment, while experiencing first-hand what it takes to run a non profit organization. Contact our Director of Volunteers – Lauren Franklin for more information. Non Profit Management Internship Application

  • Day Event Volunteer

    The Laurel Foundation has several events where we need enthusiastic and reliable volunteers to come out and support. These events may include fundraising events, day camps, in-service days, etc. Contact our Director of Volunteers- Lauren Franklin for volunteer information.

What our volunteers have to say…

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Camp is a time to forget about the worries in our own lives and make a child smile! It is a time to just be silly and send out some good love and get some back!

Lorenzo – 38 Camps

The kids at Camp Laurel are unlike any I’ve encountered before. I’ve never met such a spirited, enthusiastic, entertaining, intelligent, and loving group before in my life.

David – 30 Camps

The Laurel Foundation will change your life; it brings out the best in all of us and is hard to imagine a better group of people.

Celery – 21 Camps

Camp has taught me that it is possible for a group of people, no matter how different, to work together and build a community that makes things better for each other.

Karen – 15 Camps
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