Camp Laurel Foundation, Inc. is now doing business under the name of  The Laurel Foundation.  This name change better reflects the many services we offer to children, youth and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

The Laurel Foundation is a registered, non-profit organization founded in 1992 by Margot Andrew-Anderson. Committed to improving the lives of children living with HIV and AIDS, we believe that every child has the right to experience the wonder of childhood. Through our programs we strive to contribute to the development of each child’s self esteem, self-awareness and self-fulfillment.

The Laurel Foundation’s educational and support programs are designed to improve the quality of life of over 500 children, youth and families affected by HIV/AIDS each year. The mission of The Laurel Foundation is to empower children, youth and families affected by HIV/AIDS through educational and support programs in a safe and trusting environment. While HIV/AIDS is often an isolating illness because of negative social stigma and the sickness or loss of a parent, The Laurel Foundation aims to eradicate this isolation through a comprehensive approach, including residential camps, mentorship, life enhancement workshops, ongoing support programs and collaborative partnerships. Programs provide opportunities for participants to build a social support system with peers, develop special bonds with adult volunteers who serve as crucial role models, and learn important life skills. These program elements serve as the foundation that supports social and emotional development, boosts self-esteem, builds trust and helps participants identify their strengths and achieve personal goals.

HIV/AIDS affects people of all ages. Currently there are over 25,000 children in the United States with HIV/AIDS and over 600 recorded children in Los Angeles County alone. AIDS is the the number one cause of death for African American women ages 24-35. The existence of The Laurel Foundation depends on generous donations from foundations, corporations and private individuals.

The Laurel Foundation is named for the laurel leaf in Greek mythology. Apollo, the god of prophecy, poetry, and healing, covered his temple in Delphi with the laurel leaf, believing that the healing properties of the leaf would cure all those who entered his temple.

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