About Us



Our vision is a world in which children, youth and families live unencumbered by HIV/AIDS.



The mission of The Laurel Foundation is to empower children, youth and families affected by HIV/AIDS through educational and support programs in a safe and trusting environment.



The Laurel Foundation is a registered, non-profit organization founded in 1992 by Margot Andrew-Anderson to fill the urgent need for programmed activities that catered to the physical and emotional needs of children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS.


The Laurel Foundation is a comprehensive provider of educational and support programs for children, youth and families living with HIV/AIDS. We serve over 540 low-income, at-risk participants annually.

The Laurel Foundation’s programs tackle the emotional and social challenges of HIV/AIDS by constructing environments that support the mental and physical welfare of the participants. Our programs give participants the tools to build self-sufficient, productive, healthy lives.

  • Health

    To improve mental and physical health through various year round educational and support programs

  • Education

    Educate youth on HIV and the consequences of at-risk behaviors while at the same time providing the knowledge on how to make healthy life choices

  • Life Skills

    Develop the skills and qualities necessary to build an independent, successful, self-sufficient life path

  • Balance and Compasion

    Introduce balance and compassion into participants lives by impelling them into experiences that show they can rise above the adversity and overcome the defeatism of HIV/AIDS, make more of their lives than they thought possible, and learn to serve others with their strength

Who We Are

Board Members

Javier Puentes

Javier Puentes Chairman

Senior Vice President - Wells Fargo Bank

Sam S. Leslie

Sam S. Leslie Treasurer

Managing Partner - LEA Accountancy LLP

Brandon Mosley

Brandon Mosley Secretary

Strategy Manager - Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

Margot Anderson

Margot Anderson CEO

Founder / CEO - The Laurel Foundation

Derek Hamilton

Derek Hamilton Finance Advisor

Principal - Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Lisa Stangl, MSN, CPNP<br>

Lisa Stangl, MSN, CPNP
Medical Director

HIV Specialist - UCSD Mother, Child and Adult HIV Program

Robb Whittlef

Robb Whittlef Resource Development

CEO - Historic Studio


Margot Anderson (Maverick)

Founder / CEO

Lauren Franklin (Gadget)

Director of Volunteers

Lupe Flores

Outreach Coordinator

Katie Spencer<br>

Katie Spencer

Medical Director

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